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Stiga Supreme Review Details Information

Stiga is a lightweight table tennis bat. This ping pong bat is popular among beginner players. This ping pong bat aims to provide the best possible performance to the beginner player. New players are also starting their game with Stiga supreme. That helps them to learn quickly and do better performance in their gameplay. People can achieve control of their game through Stiga supreme.

Table tennis players will know all the details information about the features of Stiga supreme. People can get this product at a cheap price. Stiga supreme is considered one of the finest ping pong bats at an affordable price. New players are mostly using this bat. That helps to play the ping pong ball on the table.

They can improve their game a lot by knowing every necessary data. That also allows the newcomer players to play their game with having proper knowledge. By following this way, novice players can improve their game quickly. Stiga supreme also helps the newcomer player learn techniques and enhance the skills.

How We Reviewed Stiga Supreme

This is one of the cheapest ping pong bats in the market. We find many buyers of Stiga supreme. They buy this ping pong bat not only for the price but also people find this useful. Our team collects some feedback from the user of this table tennis bat. Besides, we also analysed the review of the customers of Stiga supreme in some e-commerce websites. All the tasks help us to make a detailed review of Stiga supreme. We cover all the necessary information about this ping pong bat. Specification, advantages and disadvantages of this ping pong table are also discussed in this article.

People will surely find complete information about Stiga supreme in this article. That will also acknowledge some vital factors of ping pong bats. People can buy their perfect ping pong bats by going through our buying guide. Novice players can choose the best table tennis bat for themselves by the review of Stiga supreme.

Details Information About Stiga Supreme

Stiga supreme is used by the new players of table tennis. They can use this in their practice and game. This is a lightweight ping pong paddle for beginner level players. That can give them more control over their shots on the table. Stiga supreme gives appropriate spin and control to the people. The speed of this product allows novice players to play their games in the tournament. Some other features also help beginner players to improve their game. These vital features of Stiga supreme are discussing below.

Built quality: Wood is generally used to make ping pong bats. The manufacturer of Stiga supreme makes this bat with six different layers. That helps to decrease the weight of this ping pong bat. All the layers of this bat are different from each other. Crystal tech and tube technology are used to make this product with different kinds of layers. 2mm sponge surface is cover the surface of Stiga supreme. That is made of rubber. Newcomer players play their games better because of this. Beginner level players get full control of their shots with this. People can play their defensive stroke more perfectly with this ping pong bat. Newcomer players can learn and improve their game quickly because of the built materials.

Material of the surface: The surface material of this bat is rubber. The manufacturer uses quality rubber on this. That helps the player to control the speed of the bat. People can also control their game through this ping pong table. This rubber is authorized by the ITTF. That allows the beginner player to play their games withStiga supreme.

Speed: The speed of Stiga supreme is higher than other beginner ping pong bats. That gives the novice player to learn the quick shots. The speed of the bat is tournament standard. Beginner player can play their tournament with Stiga supreme ping pong bat.

Spin: Spin of the Stiga supreme is perfect for the new table tennis player. The spin rate of this ping pong bat is 92. The manufacturer uses several technologies for getting this. A novice player can make topspin and backspin of the ball in the ping pong table. That assist the player to improve their game.

Control: Stiga supreme can give the proper control to the new table tennis player. Construction materials of this ping pong bat help the player to control their shots. People can play their defensive and attacking shots easily with Stiga supreme.

Design: Six lightweight blades are used to make this blade. The surface of this table tennis bat is designed with a 2mm sponge. Quality rubber is used as the material of the surface. The handle of this ping pong bat is amazing. The manufacturer uses an automatic composite Italian handle on this table tennis bat. That gives extra grip and control to the players.


Name of the Brand


Size of this bat

Оne Расk

Material of the surface


Spin rate


Speed rate


Control rate


Weight of the product

0.3 Pounds


  • This is a valuable product for beginners.
  • The construction quality of this product is strong.
  • Uses six different blades on the construction of this product.
  • The weight of Stiga supreme is low.
  • The new player can learn their games with this quickly.
  • Players have control over their stroke with this bat.
  • The spin rate of this bat is satisfactory.
  • The surface of this bat is so perfect for beginner players.
  • Good quality rubber is used as the surface material.
  • The handle of this bat is useful to the beginner player.
  • The design of this table tennis is amazing.
  • Give a long service to the players.


  • Manufacturers don’t offer any warranty for this product.
  • Not perfect for the professional level players.

Stiga Supreme

Whom this is for

Stiga supreme makes for beginner level players. The power of this table tennis bat is not so high. The producer of this ping pong bat makes this product with six different blades. That is why Stiga supreme can give more control to novice players. The rubber of this bat is authorized by the ITTF.

New players can play tournaments with this. Besides, newcomer player can learn their games so easily. They can acquire the skills and techniques quickly with this beginner ping pong paddle. Professional or skilled players don’t get any types of benefits with this bat. That is not capable of generating the highest speed in the game.

Factors that influence the buying decision

 Different kinds of players are seen in table tennis. Table tennis players are categorized with their skills and techniques. Professional level players used a speedy bat in their game. The beginners are not. Moreover, some basic factors influence the buying decision of both types of players. These are discussing below:

Construction material: This is the biggest factor that influences the buying decision of players. Everybody needs a strong and durable ping pong bat. People like to play more games with their table tennis bat. Hard construction material like wood can be the best option for the players.

Weight of the Bat: The weight of the ping pong bat varies according to the level of players. Novice players are more likely to play with a lightweight bat. Oppositely, the skilled players need a proper weight ping pong bat. That helps the pro players to play their games with the highest speed.

Control and spin of the bat: These are the vital features of the ping pong bat. Without having proper control and spin, players don’t give their best performance in the match. Novice players will face difficulty playing with less control ping pong bat. People need to consider this carefully before buying a table tennis bat. The blades of the ping pong bat also influence the control.

Handle: The handle of the ping pong bat must be straighter, thinner and shorter. Various kinds of technologies are used to make the better handle for the players. That gives them more comfortable in their shots. The players get more pleasure while they are playing with the best handle of the ping pong bat.

Other vital factors like; colour, design of the ping pong bat can influence the buying decision. Players need to select the table tennis handle based on their skill level. That will helps them to get the desire performance from the game.

Final words

A table tennis bat is the ultimate for getting a good performance. All the player in the world wants to play their games with the best ping pong bat. Stiga supreme is not the best option for skilled players. However, beginner players can consider Stiga supreme as their ping pong bat undoubtedly.

Novice players can learn the games through this. The weight of this is low. The player can control their shots easily with this bat. Besides, this rubber of this bat is approved by the ITTF. Newcomer players can do practice and play tournaments with Stiga supreme. Stiga supreme is one of the best options for newcomer players.

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