STIGA Vapor Review

STIGA Vapor Review For 2021

Playing table tennis outside is great fun. It provides a natural vibe. One will have lots of air and a huge amount of space to move. But to play table tennis outside requires a great quality and all-weather table tennis table. If you are looking for one, then we would recommend the STIGA Vapor table tennis table.

STIGA is the top brand that produces all kinds of table tennis accessories. And their products are top grade and reliable. The STIGA Vapor is a very reliable table tennis table for enjoying table tennis outside. Also, this table can be used for indoor fun on a gloomy or rainy day as well.

Today, we will broadly review the STIGA Vapor to make sure those who are looking for a quality outdoor table tennis table can understand why we are recommending this one.

How We Reviewed The STIGA Vapor Table Tennis Table

To review this STIGA Vapor table, our spots research team which has some table tennis professionals has checked this table. They played with this table outdoor and checked whether is it true that it is an all-weather table or not. Then, they checked if it is easy to assemble and easy to store or not. After checking all of these things, they selected this table. They did this hard work only to make sure the table tennis table is best for any weather situation and players will have the best experience.

Review of STIGA Vapor Table Tennis Table

If you are a table tennis enthusiast who has limited indoor space but has a backyard or a garage, then this table tennis is definitely for you. Also, this table tennis can be used for indoor fun as well. This table features an easy setup. One will have more time in playing and less time in setup with this STIGA Vapor. We liked all the features of this table. The table is made of very durable and solid aluminum and steel that features very long durability. If you want a durable table tennis table for an immense amount of outdoor and indirect fun, then this table is a must.

Table Top- As the manufacturer described, the tabletop will stand against all-weather situations thanks to the aluminum surface. The aluminum surface is very solid than the plywood surface. Sun and water can easily damage the plywood surface. But the aluminum composite surface gives continuous playability under both. No matter what weather situation is it, one can set the table tennis paddle outside for fun anytime.

The plywood surface does not provide a satisfying ball bounce all the time. After a long time, the plywood surface gets damaged. But not with this does not happen with the aluminum surface. The aluminum surface always remains the same. This table has a 6 mm thick surface. Because of the top-quality surface material, one can use this table for poolside parties as well. The surface will provide a great ball bounce with a nice solid sound which will increase the confidence of a player.

Even the table top is painted with blue color which will also fade resistant.

Undercarriage- If the undercarriage is not built with sturdy and durable materials, then it is confirmed the table will not last too long. The undercarriage gives the tabletop stability and holds the top still for players. To ensure supreme stability and durability, the manufacturer used sturdy steel frame construction. All the legs of this table undercarriage are 1.5 inches thick.

Under the legs, there are leg levers. These levers are adjustable. The outdoor surface may not be as smooth and even as the indoor surface. Therefore, all the legs may not sit evenly above the ground. But with the help of these adjustable levers, one can easily adjust the table for getting an even surface. Each leg is attached to the table frame with a steel bar for more stability.

Size and Weight- The STIGA Vapor is constructed with the official table tennis table size. The table length is 9 feet, width is 5 feet, and height is 2.5 feet. This table is suitable for beginner, intermediate, and professional players. Also, one can arrange an outdoor table tennis tournament with this table which is a very great idea.

And as the whole table is made of sturdy metals, the weight of this table is a lot. The weight of this whole table is about 140 pounds. Because of this heavyweight one should not try to move the table all by himself. The person should call for help from others as it can be dangerous.

Assemble- Assembling a table tennis table is not as easy as it seems. Assembling the table requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. However, this table is free from this kind of hassle. One does not have to spend a lot of time and effort assembling this table. But it does not mean that you do not have to assemble the table. The table is more than 90 percent pre-assembled. One has to attach the wheels of this table and attach some screws.

To ensure easy assemble, the manufacturer provides an assemble instruction guide where all the installation processes are printed. If one feels the process is hard, then they can contact the dealer for a professional mechanic to do the work. However, it will cost extra.

Net and post- Like most table tennis tables, this table also comes with a net and two posts. Attaching the net is child’s play. One needs to place the net posts on the side of the table and then simply tight the screw for attaching the post. The post is very solid and will keep the net in the right place all day long.

Storage- Storage is like a breeze. This table is divided into 2 parts. And both parts are easily foldable. To store this table, first, one needs to remove the net and posts. Then simply fold both halves of the table. Each half features a locking mechanism that locks the table in order to avoid unwanted folding.

There are a total number of 4 wheels under each half. Simply, roll the table towards the storage space for effortless storing. The table can be stored in the corner of your garage. Also, the wheels feature an easy locking mechanism. While playing because of the wheels the table may move. But by locking the legs one can ensure the stability of the wheels.

Multipurpose- As we mentioned before, it is divided into two halves, therefore, one can fold one half of the table to practice on their own. Also, each half can be used for other card games or even for craftsmanship.









9’ x 5’ x 2.5’

Surface Material


Base Material


Tabletop Thickness

6 mm


140 pounds


  • Can be used both for indoor and outdoor fun.
  • The table top is waterproof and sun damage protected
  • The undercarriage is rustproof and ensures long durability.
  • Levers under the legs help to adjust the table height on an uneven surface.
  • Wheels feature easy storage.
  • Can be used for playback training by folding one half.


  • Bit hard to carry by a single person.

STIGA Vapor Table Tennis

STIGA Vapor Table Tennis

What to look for in a table tennis table

Purchasing the best table tennis table is not very easy. In the market, there are a lot of table tennis tables. All the tables are not suitable for outdoor. Some do not provide the right amount of playability and some do not feature long durability. But the best table tennis tables provide both of the worlds. With the below consideration one will be able to choose the best one easily.

Tabletop- If you want to have a professional feel, then the tabletop should be made of durable and sturdy materials. Also, the tabletop should be thick enough to provide the right amount of ball bounce.

Basically, manufacturers use plywood and metal for the tabletop. If one wants an indoor table, then a plywood table would be a perfect choice. On the other hand, if one wants a table for outdoor purposes, then the person should choose a metal top table.

Undercarriage- A best table tennis table comes with a very sturdy undercarriage. Basically, the table undercarriage is made of metal. Some manufacturers use aluminum and some use steel. The aluminum-constructed undercarriage is light. On the other hand, steel constructed undercarriage is a bit heavy. But among these 2 materials, the steel one is very durable.

Assemble- Try to choose a table that features less assembling. Some tables require lots of assembling which will consume a lot of time and effort. And some table comes pre-assembled, one just needs to tighten some screws or attach the wheels. Another important thing for assembling is the instruction. Most of the manufacturers provide assembling instruction manuals. If the assembling instruction is hard to understand, then the process will be very hard. So make sure the assembly instruction is easy and understandable.

Storage- As the table tennis table is a big size table, therefore, one will definitely want to store that table to use the space for other purposes. Most of the table tennis tables are foldable for easy storage. But carrying a big table tennis table is not easy. So make sure the table has wheels. With the help of the wheels, one can easily roll a table towards the storage space which is effortless.

Who is the STIGA Vapor table for

The STIGA Vapor table tennis table is for those enthusiast players who want to take their game outside. This table can be used for poolside parties. Players can play with this table in summer, winter, and even in the rainy season. The table is made of all-weather materials so that it would not get rust and features long durability.

Final Words

If you want to enjoy table tennis in your backyard or at a pool party, then you must read this STIGA Vapor table tennis table review. This table is one of the top tables for outdoor use. Here, we have discussed about all the features of this table deeply.

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