Stiga VS Joola

Stiga VS Joola ( You Need To Know )

Table tennis is an enjoyable game. People are enjoying the game. The game started the journey in many years ago. That time people just played this game as normal. They played to spend their time. The game has become demandable day by day. Ping pong is a trademarked name for table tennis. Table tennis and ping pong were found in the same Source. People built too much difference between them. There are many differences between their rules. Both are not the same game.

People used multiple table tennis tables and paddles. In the market, they can find a lot of brands. All brands are not the same and quality full. Most of the people use Stiga VS Joola Brands products. These brand’s products have great durability and stability. We will discuss about both of them below.

Stiga VS Joola

In this topic, we will talk about the difference between Stiga and Joola brands. Both brands made table tennis sports equipment.Their table tennis table is the most popular. We will show the difference between table tennis tables of these brands.




Table Pad

Stiga table has 16 millimeters MDF playing surface. Thetable implements consistent bounce but can be played slower than a thicker table tennis table.

Joola table has 15 millimeter MDF playing surface. The table providesa good consistent bounce.


Stiga table has 3 various types of thickness.

  • Stiga table lite-1/2 inches (13milimeter).
  • 5/8 inches (16milimiter).
  • ¾ inches (19 millimeters).

Joola has also 3 particular thicknesses.

  • Joola inside 15milimeter (5/8 inches).
  • 18milimeter (3/4 inches).
  • 25milimeter (1 inch).


The weight of Stiga is around 180 pounds that is 50 poundsmore than the competitor.

The weight of joola is 135 pounds


This table is constructed with 8 x 3 inches caster wheels which provide easy mobility. 

This table is constructed with two inches caster for easy and light mobility.


Stiga table net comes with professional grade clamp on net. The net makes the table. The net comes with a table that has a top notch system.  This is suitable for any intermediate or recreational player. The size of the net is 72 inches.

The net of this table comes with a patented quick assembly clamp net system. It provides easy storage and assembly. This is net can keep happy any recreational play.


The Stiga table is made with 1.2inch thick legs and both are powder coated. It has 1.5 inch steel tube apron

The Joola table is constructed with 1.5 inch steel legs. It has a 1.5 inch resin apron.

Stiga VS Joola

Stiga VS Joola

The History Of Stiga And Joola Brand

This is a European manufacturer. The distributor name of this brand is lawnmowers. They sell their products in over 70 countries in the whole world. The brand is run by a Swedish company. They are produced in sports products like table tennis, table hockey, etc. In 1938 they started production by table tennis. The Stiga spots control the table production.  They could gain their business.

Joola has controlled the professional table tennis scene in the USA for over 10 years. Joola established a heavy presence in the North American tour and NATT’s flagship event.  Joola started the partnership with USA table tennis in 2012. Joola became the official table sponsor of USATT through this event. The production limit of this brand is increasing day by day.

Is Stiga better than Joola

The accurate answer is not. The Stiga is not better. The design thickness, portability, and stability are not like joola. Sometimes the joola is over the stiga. The Joola brand makes different types of tables. All tables are not too thick. The most popular Joola inside feature is 15 millimeters (5/8 inch).

You will get good performance in 18mm, 22mm, or 25mm. The Stiga has not to table over 15mm. You can find 18milimeter and 25milineter table in the joola. They manufactured a table with thickness. Their table has a good image of the players. They always select joola inside 18milimeter and 25milimeter.

Is Stiga a German brand

The Stiga is not a German brand. The brand was found in Sweden in 1934.  They Supply their product all over the country. They also have 80 years of experience in convinced customers. Their popularity and production are increasing day by day. Their table tennis table is best for improve skills and practice. Players use the Stiga table for practicing tennis in indoor and tournaments.

Stiga table tennis table is good for the tournament. Stiga table tennis is made with 2 pieces.  It is easy to attach together. It has some very strong wheels and durability. By using these wheels you can move the table. It also can be used outdoor.  The best size of the Stiga table is 19milimiter.  This table helps the player to improve their performance.

How do you put a Stiga Ping Pong table together

The way of putting a Stiga ping pong together is very easy. Stiga ping pong table is manufactured in 2 pieces. You can simply attach both pieces. The weight of the Stiga ping pong table is not too heavy.

First, you have to open the box of the table and then you have to keep both pieces in a large area. By using some screw, you can easily connect both pieces. When you will complete all steps and your table is ready for play, they can start the game as a match. In this way, you can put a Stiga ping pong table together.

Which table is better for playing

The Stiga and Joola are the most popular in the whole world for their quality full table tennis table. Both of them try to make it with good quality. Players are using their tables to play table tennis. There have some same features and also have some big differences. Those differences are responsible for divide two tables. You can find many types of the table among them. You will find 3 types for Stiga and 3 types for Joola.

All types are not perfect for tournaments.  The thickness of a table becomes a big factor. Thickness is very important for play. You can play with full speed and recreationally if the table has a great thickness.   The 3/4 inch (18milimeter) thick Stiga table is suitable for the recreational player.If you want to buy a Stiga table to get a good performance, you will buy a 5/8 inch table. The table has an amazing thickness. It is made with steel legs and it provides reasonable bounce. By using this table, you will play well. This table can be set in 10 minutes because it comes with pre-assembled. On the other side, Joola also has 3 types of tables. All tables are not too thick.

You can buy a thick table tennis table if you have a lot of money. The cheap tables are not thick. So, these are not useable. The joola has a 15milimeter (1 inch) table which is approved by ITTF. This table is made with good materials. Some people used Joola inside 15 which is 5/8 inch thick. The table is constructed by quality full materials and has 2 inches steel-made legs and apron. It also has 3-inch caster wheels that help to move easily. It comes 95% pre-assembled so that it can be set in a short time.

 Some experts recommended that everybody must buy a joola table tennis table that is 15milimeter (5/8 inch) thick. This table is right for good play among of them all tables.

Which Brand Is Best For Outdoor

You have to choose a table which is made with rust-free, water free and high technology. When a table has some good qualities, then you can use the table outdoor. For Outdoor use, you must buy a light weight and portable table. The joole and Stiga brandsare constructed with heavy-duty and water proof aluminum.

Both are portable and light weight. People can easily use these tables outdoors. Stiga and joola both are suitable for players. They can use both of them. It is very difficult to choose one of them for outdoor because both brands are good. You can select anyone depends on one of your choices.

Which Brand Is Best For play

The answer to this question is not easy. Both brands are famous in the sports world. Players used both brand’s Equipment. In the sports store, you can find a table tennis table, paddles for both brands. Some people like to buy Stiga and some like to buy Joole.

The Stiga and Joole are made quality full products. Some experts suggest using the Julie brand’s table. They have a very good thickness of the table, which helps to give good performance. Depending on the equipment of the game, people can go to any brand, it is their own choice.

Final Word

We have discussed Stiga VS Joola in this whole article. Table tennis tables of these two brands are very popular among the players. We discussed about that table. Which brand would be best for outdoor use has been discussed? The history of the Stiga & Joola brand has been discussed which will help people to know. This article is good news for people.

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