Table Tennis Grip

Table Tennis Grip ( Types of Grips )

If you want an expert in the field of table tennis, you have to know all the basic things regarding table tennis. In that case, table tennis is not different from any other game. So let’s go through some basic skills about table tennis grip. Because the grip is the most crucial part of table tennis. To know and learn about table tennis grip can improve your expertise skill in the tennis court. So it is important to know how to grip the paddle perfectly.

Why Table Tennis Grip is Important

Table tennis grip is so important because it monitors and controls the angle of paddles. On the other hand, a grip of a paddle controls the height of the ball, speed of the ball, depth of the ball. It also controls the spin of the ball and the direction of the ball.

What is the purpose of grip in table tennis

The purpose of a table tennis grip is to control the ball’s spin amount. To control the angle of the paddle, a table tennis grip is very important. Every paddle should be made with a good quality grip.

What are the grips in the table tennis

There are three kinds of grips are available on the market. Traditional Chinese grip, the Japanese or Korean grip are the very common grips and players from all over the world know theseform of table tennis grip. A table tennis  player need to select a perfect kind of grip that meets the player’s requirements.

If you have a perfect set of grip, you can hold the table tennis paddle without any obstacles. Penhold grip is the very long established grip. There is another grip called hand grip. Anyway, if you are using a penhold grip then you have to grasp the racket like you are holding a pencil or pen. When you are planning to have an absolute set of grip then you have to ensure the penhold grip has the tiny handle. So that one can carry it a simple way. There are also other kinds of grips. These are, V-Grip and Seemiller Grip.

How to hold a racket

Holding a racket flawlessly can make your table tennis game more fun. If you really want to add this fun in your game, you really need to know and teach yourself how to use the grip of table tennis. Because table tennis is highly rely on the grip of it.

Because it provides the ball with spin and power. A shake handgrip is a good option for beginners since it is highly flexible. A pen hold grip, on the other hand, is difficult to master.There are two techniques to hold a table tennis grip. In Japanese technique, one have to keep the racket on the lower side of your middle finger.

It’s important to make the grip grasp non-symmetrical. The back of the cork has to also be covered.The Chinese method requires holding the racket with your fingers at the rear of the paddle and your fingers folded.Every handle has to be same alignedand short to hold.

Tennis or ping-pong: what do you think which came first

Table tennis is often referred to as ping pong. But from the beginning, ping pong was known by all. Later it changed its name and known as table tennis. Table tennis was a game that people used to play only inside of the house. On the other hand, this sport may played outside of the house as well.

The structure of table tennis is on anoutstretchtable with two equal-sized courts separated by a net.This table tennis sport is very popular in some countries like china, japan, also some countries in Asia and Europe.

What was table tennis’s root name

It is said by the experts that table tennis has a traditional name which is ping pong. In the era of twentieth century, the market name of table tennis was ping pong. It is stated that the game was created in England.

In those days, this game was originated and people used to know this game by this name. During that period, it was a very popular game among all the natives. People used to play this game indoors. When the original Ping-Pong Association, founded in 1902, was resurrected from 1921 to 1922, and then the term table tennis was published.

Name some prominent grips of table tennis

The grip is an important part of table tennis. If you want to do better in table tennis, you need to learn about which grips are good for a strike the shot. There are four kinds of grips table tennis contains. These are,

1. The Shakehand Grip Technique

2. The Table Tennis Penhold Grip

3. The Table Tennis V-Grip

4. The Table Tennis Seemiller Grip

What is the leading grip for table tennis in the town

Shakehand grip is the best for table tennis play. Because most of the table tennis players play with shakehand grips. Also, they recommend playing table tennis with a shake hand grip.

If you want do better with shakehand grip you have to grasp the handle very smoothly with your finger and thumb.

Your forefinger have to hold the edge of the handle. Maintain a straight wrist with your forearm by not angling it up or down.Besides that, a pen hold paddle grip is very fruitful to play. It has also some advantages to use but also has disadvantages. It weakens the backside of the paddle. As result players face problems during the practices.

Who is the father of table tennis

Montagu is the father of table tennis. He was a very renowned table tennis player. He constitute this game from and set a remarkable mark by playing table tennis, especially in the England. He was the most prominent person to establish this game for international purposes. Also, being a president, he also cultivate the English Table Tennis Association (ETTA)

What is the bad thing with having a forehand or backhand grip

A table tennis player who uses forehand and backhand grip usually faces some issues. Some players choose to stay with one grip and also end up with the same grip but it depends on the grip one they use.

A backhand grip will enhance your skill with give you huge power ability. Since in backhand grip your thumb on the paddle and it helps to make a wrist shot. Therefore, if you choose forehand grip over backhand, you might have some problems regarding the paddle.

However, on the other side of the coin, during the practice or tournament, you cannot change your grip. Because it will hamper your concentration and your reliance on changing grip will make you not a good player.

Table Tennis Grip

Table Tennis Grip

An important skill in table tennis

So you heard it right. Every game has some rules and tactics. Table tennis is no different. The most amazing fact about table tennis capability is being able to continuously strike the ping pong ball on the table. It is very crucial to have your racket face flat on the table.

 Then all of these, you just need to do strike the ball very consciously. Many new players hit the ping pong ball excessively forcefully, and the tennis ball flies it off of the table tennis table mostly as result. Try to manage your hits productively when you are playing. Because it is a special technique to learn in this field.  One should be conscious and concern about of all these things.

What does an authentic and perfect table tennis grip look like

Shake-hands can be a good table tennis grip. Hence, a game of correct table tennis needs to have a solid finger index on the backhand rubber. Also, it has to have a thumb tucked in on the forehand edge.

The handle should be comfortable to hold so that the other three fingers can loosely be wrapped around the handle. It is the sport that has authentic table tennis ideology and does not require gap between the handle. The ‘V’ shape of player’s wrist in parallel to the edge of the paddle, requires for to call it a perfect grip.

Some tips you should have to know before making a decision about your grip

Whether you are a newbie an expert, you should know about table tennis grip. Select a smoother grip that has loose flexibility in it paddle. The index finger must be on the backhand rubber so that it will give you more control on the forehand.

Always remember, changing frequently grip can make you in trouble. So, always ignore changing grip when you are playing. Try to stick to one. Try to use the ‘V’ structure to follow as a result the wrist would be in the side of the racket. This portion of the paddle is very important because this is where you can find most of the problems. Do not get fed up with your grip. Make sure the grip is suitable for your game and will not make you in trouble while playing.

It is very crucial matter to think about it and to feel comfy with the grip while playing. Because the grip is not matched you, you would probably end with frustration. So, whenever you think about table tennis grip, think wisely.

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