Table Tennis Racket Cleaner Review

Table Tennis Racket Cleaner Review In 2021

A table tennis racket is one of the most essential components for playing a ping pong game. A player always wants to hit perfect shots using the racket. But, for this, they should clean their rackets regularly after finishing the match.

Getting older the table tennis racket, decreases the power and performance. So, it should be kept always neat and clean. Then they can able to get better service from the rubber of the tennis. Most of people usually clean their table tennis rackets with water or cloths. But it cannot clean the dust properly and cannot improve the rubber surface.

So, in this article, we put a high quality table tennis racket cleaner which is absolutely perfect for cleaning the deep dust and improving the overall performance of this racket.

Who Is This For

This table tennis racket cleaner should be used by every player who really wants to keep their paddle clean and well. They can also clean their racket with water, but it will not clean the rubber surface properly. Even sometimes it can harm the rubber because of scratching with water and cloths.

So, people should be concern about their racket while cleaning it. For solving this issue, this Butterfly table tennis racket care kit is so necessary. It can able to clean deep dust from the rubber. It will not harm the rubber surface anymore. People can easily improve its quality and performance by using this cleaner while cleaning the table tennis racket.

Review Details of Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

There are so many table tennis racket cleaners are available in the marketplace. But people should use the best one for cleaning their paddle. Today, we are going to discuss about only this one paddle cleaner which is really considered as best among all cleaners in the market.

Before starting the review we want to say that, this table tennis racket has all premium features and is able to clean deep dust from the racket without damaging any rubber sole at all. So, this cleaner can be used by anyone. It will work well definitely.

Why People should like this racket cleaner: Without any good quality paddle cleaner, you cannot clean the deep dust from your ping pong paddle. We researched a lot about this table tennis racket cleaner. Our team considered this paddle cleaner as best for all kinds of table tennis rackets. Including all premium features of this Butterfly table tennis cleaner kit, people will get also some other benefits while cleaning the paddle. So, let’s start today’s reviewing this ping pong paddle cleaner.

Rubber Care Sponge: People always want to keep safe their table tennis rubber from scratching by anything. So, there is a high reason to get scratched while cleaning this paddle. So, there should be a rubber sponge for cleaning with any kits. This Butterfly table tennis cleaner kit offers a great quality rubber care sponge that can protect the rubber from being scratched. It is very important to keep the rubber surface smooth and clean. So, while cleaning the rubber surface with this cleaner, people can use this rubber care sponge which does not scratch out on the rubber but can clean the rubber perfectly. So, this is a great feature of this cleaner having this rubber care sponge with this cleaner kit.

Increase Lifespan of the Rubber: Using this table tennis cleaner people can easily remove deep clouds of dust from the paddle especially the rubber surface. But, there is also another benefit of using this cleaner. It can able to increase the lifespan of this rubber as well as deep cleaning. It can keep the natural and real tackiness of the rubber. It is also a very sensitive issue to keep the rubber quality while cleaning it or washing this rubber surface of this table tennis racket. So, it can easily prolong the life of the rubber undoubtedly. People can use this for improving its performance as well as the lifespan of the rubber.

Remove More Garbage: There is a cleaning sponge including with this cleaner kit. It is so necessary for cleaning the rubber of the table tennis paddle. This sponge offers a soft absorbent side that is absolutely needed to clean the clouds of dust from the rubber. Sometimes for hitting the ball so hard, there may have more garbage on the rubber. So, it should be cleaned out from this rubber surface. This cleaner can easily remove more garbage from the rubber. Then people can play more accurate shots using this paddle. The old paddle becomes a new paddle after removing all hard damage and deep garbage from the rubber.

Increase More Spin: To get more spin from an old ping pong paddle, it should be kept neat and clean deeply regularly. So, using this Butterfly cleaner people can easily clean the deep dust from the rubber. People can get more spin after cleaning the paddle including rubber also. So, this is a very necessary feature of this table tennis cleaner. Getting a high spin rate with this cleaner is a really good sound to us. After cleaning the rubber surface, it will look so good and shiny. The player can get a great grip. So, it allows playing more accurate shots in the match.

Easy to Use: This cleaner is very easy to use by anyone. Using a table tennis cleaner sponge they can easily clean the rubber by applying 1 pump of cleaning cream. They can use this cleaner almost 125 times with only one cleaner. This is a great value for this Butterfly table tennis cleaner. Anyone can also gift this cleaner to any player. They would surely love this as a gift.







Martin Kilpatrick

Country of Origin



Red / Black

Sport Type

Table Tennis



Product Dimensions

2 inches * 2 inches * 2 inches

Product Weight

4.8 ounces


  • This cleaner is very easy to use.
  • It can clean deep dust from the rubber surface.
  • The cleaner can remove oils too from the rubber.
  • Cleaning with this cleaner, a ping pong paddle can get a longer lifespan.
  • It can generate more spins after cleaning with this cleaner.
  • There is a rubber care sponge including this cleaner kit.
  • A cleaning sponge offers a soft absorbent side.
  • This cleaner maintains rubber effectively.
  • It can be an ideal gift for any table tennis player.
  • People can clean the paddle very quickly using this paddle cleaner.


  • There are no more cons at all of this table tennis cleaner.
  • Anyone can use this cleaner to clean their paddle perfectly.  

Mind something while buying a Butterfly table tennis cleaner

Depending on people’s choices manufacturers try to produce a lot of different kinds of ping pong paddle cleaners. But this cleaner can able to clean deep dust from the rubber without any scratching on the rubber surface. Using this cleaner, the player can get more spin after cleaning the paddle. People should notice about some important factors while buying this new paddle.

Sponge Quality: People should check its sponge quality because they should use this sponge on the rubber surface to clean the dust. So, it should be a good one so that it would not put any scratch on the surface.

Cleaning Ability: They should also check and ensure that it can clean deep dust from the rubber. It also should clean the oil from the rubber. So, they should check this before buying any new Butterfly cleaner.

Table Tennis Racket Cleaner

How often should you clean the paddle

This is mainly depending on your playing time. This is mandatory to clean the table tennis racket regularly. But it’s up to you when you should do this.

If you play regularly then you should clean the paddle 4 to 5 times a month. If there would so much dust on the rubber surface, then you must clean this before playing any match.

According to the professional suggestions, you should clean the paddle after playing every match. It is good for the paddle to keep neat and clean always.

Is it worth it

Surely, this table tennis cleaner is really worth it. Using this paddle cleaner people can clean the deep dust from the rubber surface. This is so high quality enough for cleaning the rubber surface perfectly. It cannot put any scratch on the rubber while cleaning with this. So this is really good for the paddle. People can buy this cleaner for removing the deep dust even oil also from the paddle.

Final Words

Finally, people can understand about this table tennis racket cleaner. They must need high quality and the best cleaner for cleaning their paddle perfectly. So, we strongly suggest buying this cleaner and using this to clean their racket deeply.

It can able to clean the oil and deep dust from the rubber surface. They can able to quick cleaning process with this cleaner. People should not use any detergent or soap for cleaning their expensive ping pong paddles. This cleaner is the best undoubtedly.

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