Table tennis serving rules

Table Tennis Serving Rules ( Explained Everything )

Table tennis is an exciting game. This game is played by among two or four players. It needs some specific playing instruments with rules and regulations.  It has some playing rules which have to follow by the players to play tennis with accurate terms.

Table tennis requires some playing techniques and skills to play. It is played by a racket bat and a tennis ball on a playing table. The required process and technique of hold or stroke the ball is called ‘serve’. The serve of the ball is strictly monitored by the playing authority. The ball is served by the first player to the opponent player to receive and hit the ball. If the player is unable to perform a right serves of the ball opponent player will get a score.

The accurate serving of the ball is an important role that leads the game to be perfect. The scoring system and playing sequence are depended on the table tennis service rules.  

Table Tennis Serving Rules

Table tennis has to play by some techniques with rules and regulations. There are some rules which are required for a legal serve. The accurate serve needs some techniques. Players can perform an accurate serve by their playing tricks and skills. There are some following table tennis serving rules:

  • Players must have to hit the ball into the playing surface with an open palm.
  • The ball must be hit to go up straight into the table or air by the racket; players don’t need to serve the ball by their hand.
  • The ball must have to reach at least 6 inches of the playing surface including the net size by the serve.
  • Players have to respond by hitting the ball from the opponent court for their serve. Players have to serve when the ball ups about chest level.
  • If the players perform a lower serve of the ball it will not have enough height which cannot be pass over by the net.
  • If the players perform a higher serve, the ball will be bounce so high or fast which will not respond or receive by the opponent.
  •  When the bouncing height of the ball is about chest level or down, it allows the ball to perform a faster movement on the playing surface.
  • Players have to stroke in the top part of the ball to get the better serve with the right spin.
  • If the player’s stroke is in the wrong spot of the ball, it will be unable to perform to reach the minimum level with the right spin.
  • If the player stroke at the middle point of the ball it cannot perform any spin, it will go far from the playing surface without creating any bounce on the table.
  • Higher spin allows the balls to perform better bounce on the playing surface which can reach further distance away from the net.
  • Players have to brush the upper or downside of the ball as they stroke in it. It can help the ball to move quickly to a further distance.
  • Brushing in the different parts of the ball can perform different types of spin.
  • Players can rub the rackets which help the ball to perform a better service and return.
  • The ball will result in topspin when it will be brush in the upper side of it.
  • The brushing can make a ball perfect to hit by the opponent.
  • If the player plays with topspin on a ball during the table tennis game, the ball will perform a lower bounce on the playing surface.  
  • If the opponent player responds by hitting the ball with topspin it will go away from the table and cannot be received by the receiver.

Table Tennis Serving Rules

Table Tennis Serving Rules

What is an Illegal Serve in Table Tennis

The table tennis player has to perform an accurate serve of the ball, which has to contain much clear visibility for the receivers. An illegal serve is called when a player is unable to give proper service, it is counted as an illegal serve.

The term ‘serve’ in table tennis games is strictly maintaining by the playing rules. The possibly most unusual or illegal type serve in table tennis is hiding the ball by players with their hand, body and wearing by their technique. This illegal serving of the ball makes the unknown direction of the ball by the receiver, which makes it difficult to see and measure the spins.

Some players perform the serve by throwing which makes a low bounce height and distance. It is unable to respond by the receiver. The fastest serve of the ball, which makes it difficult for the receiver to understanding the speed, direction, and speed of the ball. It is an illegal serve which is called a bad manner serve in the table tennis game.

 Another illegal serve is, taking a long time to perform a service of ball. This makes the opponent player annoyed and confused. For this serve, the opponent player cannot perform a proper response of the ball. The illegal serve makes many issues and difficulties in the game. It is prohibited by the playing rule and regulation which is maintained by the ITTF.      

How do you decide who serves in table tennis

The first server of the ball means a player who has the opportunity to serve the ball at beginning of the game. In table tennis, the first server of the ball is decided by the coin toss. Both player and the team have the same opportunity to get first serve.

In this term, players choose one side or face of the two-faced coin. The first server of the ball is elected by winning in the coin toss. The random selecting process of the first server is maintained by the ITTF rule.   

Why do table tennis players throw the ball so high

The players perform a higher stroke on the ball which makes more spin and speed. It helps the ball make more power to go a further distance. This higher throwing of the ball can make a technical serve by a player. It improves to make topspin, backspin, and sidespin of the ball by player. This higher stroke of the ball creates a better chance to gain the points of the game.    

What is a good return in table tennis

In table tennis, the player strokes the ball with a racket bat, which is holding by his hand wrist. The player can respond to the return of the ball by a hit receiving the ball from the opponent server. He/she can respond to a better return by measuring the speed, spin, and direction of the ball.

When a player can easily understand the ball direction and distance created by the opponent player. He can able to perform a proper stroke on the ball. This helps to make a better return by his playing technique and skills.

What is the most important skill in table tennis

Serve or return the ball by a proper stroke with making a higher spin is an important playing skill in table tennis. A better serve or return is a vital part of the table tennis game. To create a perfect response of the ball needs the higher ability and skills of a player. It can ensure the excellent serve and fast and perfect return of the ball, which make a better game for the players. 

How do you counter-serve in table tennis

To counter a better serve in the game, the players have to understand the ball’s speed, direction, and distance. They have to perform a higher stroke on the ball to ensure its further distance with perfect spin. The players can make a good service of the ball by their skills, tricks and playing experience of table tennis. 

How do you serve with spin in table tennis

Making the highest spin on the balls requires some following instruction-

  • Players have to brush their racket and tennis, which will help to make a better spin on the ball.
  • The players have to hold their racket at a 90-degree angle to perform a higher stroke on the ball, which can create a perfect spin.    
  • The participators of table tennis games have to perform a responsive movement of playing, which will help them to respond to the balls upward, sideward and downward. This can create a better spin by the comfortable hitting position of the ball.

Final Words

Table tennis is an excellent game, which has to play with many rules and regulations. The process and technique of reaching the ball in the opponent court are called ball serve. It is the most important part of this game. Table tennis has many serve rules which are strictly maintained by the playing authority.

This helps to make a perfect serve by the players. What is the table tennis serve rules? Is a question among the people they want to know much information about these rule and regulation. This article will help to get their answer from here with some relevant information.      

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