What Is Loop in Table Tennis

What Is Loop in Table Tennis

If anyone is a fan of Table Tennis, they should know various kinds of shots and techniques applied during a match. These things are using for getting points from the opponents. Most of the professional players used to apply this technique during their clashes with opponents. Loop is one of them.

It is somewhat special, which is very renowned around the world. In this informative article, we will talk about the details of this item and its classifications.

We have tried to collect all of our information with the help of market information's, official research and more. Therefore, let us go through the article and learn about this thing perfectly.

What is Loop Shot

Loop is a special kind of stroke using in Ping pong or Table tennis. With this kind of shot, players can easily earn match points. It is mainly a topspin shot with lots of force coming from the wrist. Users can move this thing both forward and upward.

In this kind of shot, users get more power in a shot than other normal shots. This shot is more speedy and smooth than normal drives.

History of Loop Shots

Loop shots were invented many years ago, and experts say they identify no specific time. However, some of them also said, from 1960, most of them started to love this place for unique and amazing performances. They used it as an opposite version of chop.

Now, most of the world champions Like Ding Ning, Timo Ball are using these shots.

Types of Stroke

With lots of variation, users will find more than five types of stroke in a Table tennis game. Here they are:

1.Hit Drive


3. Counter Hit







These are the types of stroke available as stroke in a table tennis game. This list is combined with Defensive and offensive shots.

Types of Loop

As we all know, Loop is a special kind of shot, perfect for all professional players. This thing is divided into mainly two parts. One is Forehand loops, and another is backhand loops.

Both of them are effective in a competitive match. Now we are going to show how a player can play these two shots perfectly. Here they are:

Forehand Loop

Forehand loop is one of the oldest and unique styles of shot Table Tennis I have ever seen. Until now, it is considered one of the best shots for professional players. Most of the users love to play this shot. They get enough power by using this thing.

The forehand loop shot is also a favourite amongst the Asian players. Most of the time, Asian players try to play this thing in a match. Now we are going to show our readers that how can they play Forehand loop shots.

1. Standing with your legs 2 times wider than your shoulders is the basic way to start this thing.

2. One leg should be on the top than the others.

3. Users need to band their legs for this thing, and it also helps to decrease the other problems.

4. Shifting weight is another important thing in this shot. Most of the player loves to shift their weight at right leg.

5. Also users need to move their trunk in various ways.

6. Shifting weight from the right leg to the left is continuous for this thing. It depends on the side where the shots come from.

7. Trunk location should be moved because of lots of things, and it will be very helpful for all.

8. Players need to keep their shoulders higher during the segment.

9. User needs to keep all the body parts very flexible during the shot.

10. Also, users need to keep to the base point and control their body after the shot.

This is how a player can play forehand loop.

Backhand Loop

Another important part of the loop shot is the Backhand loop shot. This is the ultimate versa version of the Forehand loop. They are very similar in playing, but there are differences users can find here. Here they are:

1. The simplest way to start is to stand with your legs 2 times wider than your shoulders.

2. One leg should be taller than the others at the top.

3. Users must band their legs for this, which also helps with other problems.

4. Another important component of this shot is weight shifting. Most players prefer to put their weight on their right leg.

5. Users must move their trunks in several different ways.

6. You must regularly shift your weight from your right leg to your left leg to complete this item.

7. The truck's location should be changed for several reasons, and it will benefit everyone.

8. Users must need to keep an L shape during the defensive play.

Differences between Loop and Drive



In loop shots, users used to focus on the spin of the ball other than speed. That is the speciality of loop shots.

In a drive shot, players give their attention to the power of the shot. They hit the ball with lots of power. Spinning has become the second option here.

Loop shot is a attacking shot, which is deploying with lots of speed.

The drive is a counter type of shot, which is very compact.

In the Loop shot, players starting from a very low level.

In drive shot, players takes shots from the same range.

In this shot, the ball swings very perfectly.

In the drive shot, the swing ratio is very low.

Which one is better - Backspin Vs Top spin Vs Forehand

As We all know, there are thousands of shots available in Table tennis. Most of them are necessary and important shots. However, we have to decide after the research that Backspin, Topspin, and Forehand shots are mostly used Table tennis shots for a long time. Now in this particular part, we will like to discuss that which shot is perfect amongst them. Here we go,

At first, if we talk about backspin, we see many players get amazing curve and speed together in this shot. That means that users get both drive and Loop together in this shot. With amazing speed and curve, these shots still now consider one of the iconic shots of all time.

After that, we can talk about the backhand shot, which is perfect for speedy competitive games. This shot prefers speed to turn. It is also a favourite amongst most professional players.

After comparing these three shots, we can easily say that the backspin shot is much betters than all of these two. By using this shot, users get enough preferences and comfortless.

Therefore, we can say that the backspin shot is much better than other shots.

Is Loop shot is part of offensive strikes or Defensive strikes

As we, all know loop shot is part of table tennis shots; they must be part of offensive or defensive strikes. As we all know, Loop is a technical shot with lots of spins and limited spin. We can consider it as a defensive shot. Defend the ball with curving skill is an amazing thing to do. Players use the opposition's speed as their advantage.

Therefore, we can say that the Loop shot is a part of the offensive shot.

Is Loop shot is Worthy to Play

The answer is yes. The loop shot is perfect for and worthy for a long time using. By using this shot, users can easily get lots of points from the opposition.

This shot amazingly reduces the power of the opposition's shot and give advantages to the players. Therefore, we can say that this shot is very worthy of playing.

Final Words

In the end, we can say that loop shot is an important part of the Table Tennis Shots collection. By using this shot, most of the famous players earn their titles. If a player can learn this shot perfectly,

we hope he will become a great player soon. We hope that by reading our article users will be very satisfied and earn amazing information from here.


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