What Is Nike Victory Tennis Skirt Wear In The Field

Women’s tennis game is one of the popular games of women. It is gaining more and more popularity among the people. People love to watch it because of the women’s playing style. In the modern era, women’s tennis is getting more and more popular than the men’s tennis games. Unlike any other women’s game women’s tennis is being watched all around the world.

To provide the viewers with a very good game and to play at their best the women use skirt in the game. The skirt is known as the victory tennis skirt. Newbies in this game often ask or search on the internet to know about what is Nike victory tennis skirt. Today we will discuss about the Nike victory tennis skirt. So read until the end to know all about the Nike victory tennis skirt.

About Nike Victory Tennis Skirt

The tennis skirt is liked by all women tennis players for decades, because of the characteristics of the skirt. The skirt lets them to play freely and lets the player to move at their top speed. Many brands produce skirts for the tennis game. But the best and suitable tennis skirt is produced by the Nike. Nike victory tennis skirt has all the features that a tennis player needs. The company makes skirts by considering all the aspects of a tennis player’s comfort.

Nike uses soft and stretchy fabric materials to make their tennis skirts. Nike also uses Dri-Fit technology to give all the comfort to the players by giving them extra room to move and by wicking sweat. Manufacturer makes the skirts very light in weight. The lightweight characteristics of the Nike victory tennis skirts let the player to move at their peak speed to the sides to return the ball. The best part of the Nike victory tennis skirt is that not only the tennis player but also people use the skirt now a day. People use the skirt with their regular outfits because of the comfort and for the style of the tennis skirt.

Nike Tennis Skirt Fabrics            

The cotton and wool has been one of the favorite and most used fabric for tennis skirt from a long since. Because cotton is very comfortable and cotton made skirt are easy to make pleats. But the cotton isn’t good enough in sweat wicking.

Nike uses modern technology to make tennis skirts. Nike uses woven fabric with Dri-Fit technology. The woven fabric is very light and very stretchy. A woven fabric made skirts can be stretched in four ways. The Dri-Fit technology is kind of a savior because this technology helps the player to play the whole game without any bothering of the sweat. The technology is very superior in sweat reducing by wicking sweat and by providing breathability.

Nike Tennis skirt size

The whole game depends on the perfect size of the tennis skirt. Nike produces tennis skirts almost in all sizes. To choose tennis skirt people seem to get confused with their size. They can’t find the exact size that will fit them perfectly and will help them to provide a good game.

To get a perfect size one must measure their size and then buy a skirt. Measure the size of the area where you want the elastic band to stay. Then search for the exact size. Here one problem can be seen. Sometimes it seems that people get stuck between two sizes. This is a very confusing issue. But can be solved in a very simple way. If you want a tight fit then simply choose the lowest one and if you want a loose fit then choose the high size. But make sure to choose the perfect length. The extra length of the skirt can make your movement slow. As you have to swing the tennis bat very swiftly, therefore, it is necessary to move very fast. So choose the perfect length of the skirt which is like the length of the mid thigh to get enough room and also to play your best.

Women Tennis History

Tennis is the game where women got their first chance to participate in the Olympic game. It was in 1900. In Paris Charlotte Copper participate in the first Olympic women and became the champion. From there the success of the women began. Since then women have been participating in different Olympic games and winning many trophies.

In the modern era, the women tennis is getting more popular than men’s tennis. They are earning more money than men tennis player which is a very big success and a matter of pride for women.

What a Tennis Player Uses Under Ukirts?          

Basically, tennis players use shorts under their skirts. The compression shorts are tightly fitted which attach to the body of the player very tightly and perfectly. There are some reasons behind this.

  1. Compression shorts are very comfortable.
  2. Shorts allow air inside and help to reduce sweat and also can wick sweat.
  3. Shorts increase the blood circulation and reduce fatigue.

But now most of the tennis players use spandex under their skirts. Spandex is made of synthetic fiber. The material has very exceptional elasticity which enhances the body movements of the player. Also, after stretching fully the fabric gets back to its previous form. With the spandex, the skirt also looks nice. And with the right size of the skirt, there will be no limitation with your movements.

Nike Victory Tennis Skirt

Some Nike Tennis Skirt Outfit Ideas

As we mentioned before that Nike tennis skirts are so comfortable that these skirts can be used in both the field and outside of the field. In the field, the tennis skirt is paired with a T-shirt which is generally cotton made and a pair of sneakers with a cap. Players look cute and they play to their fullest extent with all the comfort. Here are some ideas to wear tennis skirts outside the court to look gorgeous.

  1. For casual look one can pair up a skirt with simple cotton made shirt or t-shirt. With the shirt and the skirt, they can use sneakers to match. They can wear a classy, simple looking but a gorgeous necklace and use a 90’s style handbag. Also, to make themselves more attractive one can use casual sunglasses with the outfit.
  2. It can be seen that varsity or college going students like to wear skirts most. For them, they can wear skirts with their favorite t-shirt and pair the outfit with their favorite sneaker from Nike. To increase the beauty of their look they can add some gorgeous jewelry.
  3. For a club party or an evening party, one can use a skirt with a pair of heels. Use a classy looking sunglass and add some nice earrings to extent the party look. One can use a waist belt to look more attractive.

By customizing these ideas one can wear skirts for any situation and for any place like shopping, traveling with friends and many more.

Difference Between Tennis Skirts and Golf skirts

One may say that tennis skirts are similar to golf skirts and there is no difference. Also, you may find them very similar. But they are not the same they have difference. Though some of the differences are not that a big issue. Some of the differences are:                             

  1.   Size is the big difference between the tennis and golf skirts. The tennis skirts can be very short than the golf shorts. The average length of the tennis skirts can be from 11 inches to 15 inches which are very short. On the other hand, the length of the golf skirts must be started from at least 14 inches. Which is bigger than the tennis skirts.
  2.  Another difference is the pocket. Most tennis skirt doesn’t have any pockets on the sides. Because pockets can add some weight to the skirts that can restrict the movements of the player. Only some of the skirt has pockets.

But all the golf skirt has pockets to hold the gold ball. As there is now swiftness or running in the golf so pockets don’t lay any impact on the player’s move. Rather than these two problems I don’t think so there is any other problem between the tennis and the golf skirt.

About Nike Brand Clothing        

As we all know that Nike is the top sports wearing manufacturing brand. Players love to wear clothes of these brands. Players feel motivated and inspired by wearing this brand sportswear. Also, the Nike sportswear’s are very stylish and comfortable than any other brands that attract the player’s intention.

Final Words

One of the most important outfits among all the accessories of women’s tennis is the skirt. The skirt plays a very important role in the game. Player wants the most comfortable and stylish looking skirt for their game. Sometimes they get confused and end up choosing the wrong one.

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