What Is The Best Way To Play Beer Pong

What Is The Best Way To Play Beer Pong

Beer pong is the most well admired and voguish game for those people who like to play it at a particular time. It is a team game and also combative game and people likes to play it within their leisure and weekend period. It is a fun-loving game.

The main objective of this game is to remove the opposite team’s beer cups as soon as possible before the opposite team can remove your side of beer cups. So, one team has to throw the ball in opposite team cups and the defending team has to drink the beer in the cup. All the team needs to throw the balls in the club until one team removes every cup from their opposite team’s cups.

There is a bat or racket for playing beer pong. If you have the bat, it would be contented to play beer pong. But it does not matter if you do not have them. In that case, set out the cups in a 6 to 10 triangle formation. Pour all the beer cups around ¼ to 1/3 of the cup with beer. Also, have some extra cups fill with water so that you can wash the ball every time it drops into the beer.

What Is The Best Way To Win In Beer Pong

Beer pong is the most fun-gaining party game across the world. People find it very unique to play in their weekend and leisure time. To win the game one needs to know some basic tricks to follow. These are

1. Find a useful Hangover Remedy

If you are not a responsible drinker, this game is for you. You have to keep in mind that, the objective of this game is to get drunk as feasible while playing. Hence, the more your strikes go well, the drunker you will have. So it is precisely the objective of this game. If you have more hangovers than your opponents, it tells that you have just won the game. As a result, you have to be fit and fine physically and mentally before starting the game.

2. Have a clear understanding of the game

The alternative name of beer pong is Beirut. It is a very effective fun loving game for those who did not enjoy their leisure time for a long period. In this game, if you want the opposing team to get drunker, then you have to score more than them.

Because each period you score more, you’re opposing team will drunker more. So the goal of this play, you have to drop the ball into the cups as many as you can. As a result, the opposing team will remove the ball from the cups and drink it away. Removing all the cups from the opposite team side will make you win the game.

3. Find and have the right tools

To play the beer pong, you will need plastic beer cups and the number of the cups would be 16 as required. On the other hand, you will need two plastic balls for each team. However, you can have more than two balls, as your team and the opposing team will be in a drunk mood so there will be a chance the ball will get lost. The very important thing is, you have to bring an 8-foot table to play this game because this size of the table is considered to be the standard size for the play.

4. Select a cup number

The cups should be in a triangle structured. The formation takes place like a 3 2 1 structuralized. In that case, the number of the cup should be 6. On the other hand, you can also play with 10 cups, under these circumstances the cups should be an amount of 10. So that, you have to follow 4 3 2 1 formation to arrange the cups. Always choose big and larger glass so there will be a chance to score better.

5. Play with the right team

It is important to choose perfect teammates for this game. Never partner with a responsible drunker. Because they can ruin your game. Beer pong is the best for a party game. Avoid teammates who are quite sober. Because in this game there is a chance to get a hangover after drinking lots of beer. So it is better not to take that risk.

6. Add some sparks in the game

Are you worried about the fact that how you put the ball in the poured beer glass while drunk? In that case, you can play deer pong and fear pong. In deer pong, you do not have to drink. On the other hand, fear pong is structuralized with truth or dare. Keep practicing until you reach the goal.

7. Follow some tricks for playing

If you want pro in beer pong, you have to throw the ball straight away. Learn those straight throwing ball techniques. One more thing is, try to play beer pong after having your meal so that there will be no chance to get drunk faster.

8. Always hold the ball right away

If you want to do better in beer ping pong, you can practice alone with some sips of beer. Just to bring stability and fit yourself for the game. Because if you play this game without any experience there will be a chance you will get drunk sooner. In that case, you cannot hold the ball right away.

9. Practice with bats

Beer pong is the game for drunk players. In this game, players can have fun with some chill at the same time. But if you are very serious to learn beer pong, you can play with beer pong bats. It uplifts you to play with the right way even if you are drunk. But you have to play it after your meal.

10. Try to stand properly while playing

While playing beer pong, try to stand straight. It is so obvious this is not easy for everyone to stay straight after drinking a lot of beer. But always try to keep your feet straight and stable. Also, balance yourself while drinking and playing.

To play beer pong, how many cups are required

To play beer pong you will need some tools to play. Cups are one of them to play beer pong, it is required to have 10 cups to play. Always try to have big and larger cups so that you can shoot the ball very effortlessly.

Best Way To Play Beer Pong

Best Way To Play Beer Pong

Is it possible to become intoxicated while playing beer pong

Yes, you heard it accurately. It is very possible to get drunk while playing beer pong. Also, some of the players only play this game so that they can drink and get drunk. On the other hand, it is very normal to get drunk while playing beer pong.

In beer pong, why do you dip the ball in the water

Every time you throw the opposite team’s cups, they get to chance to drink over and over. But each time opposite partner has to retrieve the ball from the beer cup where you have thrown it. They have to remove it from the cups and dip the balls into the water cup. They remove and rinse the ball so that they can play with the ball again and again.

In beer pong, what happens if you hit the same cup

If you drop the ball two times in a single cup at the same time, it will be considered as a death cup. As a result, your opponent team will lose the game innately. Hence, try to stay focus on the game and make it happen to the last.

Do you know what is heating up in beer pong

Whether you are an amateur or a professional in beer pong, if you hit the ball in two cups in a row, it will be heating up. Also, your next hit makes another shot then you will be allowed to keep hitting until you miss any shot.

Final words

If you are looking for some tricks and suggestions to learn beer pong, then this write-up helps you to go through further. Because in this article, you can find all the necessary steps and rules about beer pong. All you have to read it and practice the game as mentioned rules and tricks. We think you will not regret it after reading this article.

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