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What is the Size of a Ping Pong Table?

The official size or dimension of a ping pong table is 274 cm long by 152.5 cm in width and 76 cm in height. That is approximately 9 feet long by 5 feet wide and 2.5 feet high.

Without the official size, the table is available in many different sizes. One can also make their own customized ping pong table also. Many people face problems while choosing the right size of the ping pong table. But from today after reading this article one will be able to solve this problem. Also, one can help others in choosing the right table size.

What is the size of a Ping Pong Table?

After knowing the official size of the ping pong table I hope you can take a guess about the official size of the ping pong table. However, if you still couldn’t figure it out then no worries. Stay with us and read along.

As we said before the size of a ping pong table is 274 cm x 152.5 cm x 76 cm that means you will need more space than this size. As you will move in the sides and sometimes in the backward therefore you will need more space in the sides and in the back. Or else your movements will be obstructed.

For having a perfect room, one will need space behind both ends of the table more than 2m and on both sides of the table, one will need more than 1 m. That means for those people who want an official ping pong table inside their house they must have a room that is at least 7 meters long and 5 meters wide. Having a room like this will allow the player to move freely. However, it will be a narrow space for a double player game. For playing double one will need more space than this.

Detailed size of the table

The total sizes related to the table are explained:

  • 9 feet for the long
  • 5 feet for the wide
  • And around 2.5 feet for the height
  • For net, the size should be
  • 6 feet in length and
  •  6 feet in high

About the Official Ping Pong Table

If anyone is trying to build their own customized ping pong table following the official ping pong table characteristics then follow the below table.




9’ (L) x 5’ (W) x 2.5’ (H)

Generally wood

Dark and matte color

These are the requirements for an official ping pong table. However, if you are making a ping pong table for a park or in the backside of your yards then you can use concrete instead of wood.

For the inside ping pong table, one can use nylon, cotton, or synthetic plastic net. And for the outside ping pong table, one can use a steel net or even make a partition with concrete.

How to Choose the Right Size Ping Pong Table?

Choosing the right size mini ping pong table is very easy yet it can be very tricky. The simple way to choose the right size ping pong table would be considering the size of the space you have. Considering the room size will narrow down your requirements and you won’t have to think hard.

Here are some different sizes of the ping pong table that one can choose depending on their room size:

  • Official Size Ping Pong Table

We have talked about this in the earlier part. The room one need for the official Ping Pong Table must be 23 feet long and 16 feet wide. Room smaller than the estimated size won’t be perfect at all. Players will face difficulties while playing.

  • ¾ size Ping Pong Table

If one wants to play ping pong just for fun or want a ping pong table for family refreshment or for enjoyment in the office then they can choose ¾ size table. This is three quarters of the official size ping pong table. The dimension of a ¾ ping pong table is 6.8 feet long by 3.8 feet wide and 2.5 feet high. That means the size of a ¾ ping pong table is different from the official size in length and width but the height is similar. This table will provide so much enjoyment and suitable to spend quality time with family members.

However, for training purpose, this won’t be an ideal choice. Because one has to adjust themselves in both small and standard size which is very hard.

  • Midsize Ping Pong Table

It is almost the half size of the official ping pong table. It can often found in the US. The dimension of the midsize ping pong table is approximately 71 inches long by 36 inches wide by 30 inches in height. Here also the height of the table is similar to the two of the table above. This table can be used in a small room. This table would be perfect for the kid’s room, gaming room, and for apartments also. One doesn’t have to adjust their knees as the height of this table is similar to the official table.

  • Table top Ping Pong Table

Some people call it a foldable ping pong table. If all of the rooms of your home is filled with different element or accessories and you don’t have any space at all then this table would be a perfect choice. This table can be found in different sizes in the market. It doesn’t have any legs so there is no hassle. One can easily set it over their dining table and start playing. After playing will be very easy to store simply fold it and place it in a corner of the house. But while buying these tables make sure you have a dining table as the same size as the table top in order to place it over.

These are the common table and can be found in the market easily. Also, one can get the above 4 ping pong table from online.

Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Table

Types of Table

There are so many types of ping pong tables available for playing. Some of the common ping pong tables have been described

Indoor table: This is the most common ping pong table of all. The indoor table is used most for the personal area, gymnasium, and clubs. They are simple in design and contain the same size as a general table

Outdoor table: Outdoor ping pong table is best for durability. As they are made for using outside, they contain enough good durability in them. Especially the upper part of the table, which contains a weather coating system. Can be used in direct sunlight without facing any issue. Wheels are connected to the table with the steel beams. This helps to move the table easily anywhere. And there is no difference in the size compared to the usual one.

Conversion table: A table that can be used in a smaller space. Sometimes, there is a good demand for playing the game, but there is not enough space in the house, this table is made for them. Best part of the conversion table is, it can be used for other purposes too. As it is large in height, has foldable legs and a removable net, nobody will know that it can be used for playing a ping pong game until it gets perfectly attached. But these kinds of tables are surely not for the pro gamers. This is for those, who like to play the game as a part of the entertainment.

Folding table: Folding type table is very much popular among some of the users. This is because they are the best ones in terms of versatility. For those who have less space in their home but very passionate about the game, a folding table is a blessing. This kind of table contains all the same things and size as the general table. But the difference is, they can be folded easily by using the hinges. But if the hinges are not made of high quality, they may jam the table while folding.

Table size for Olympic and international Game

As the table size for the ping pong game has been described at the very first of this topic, Olympic and international level game require the same size. 9 feet for the long and 5 for the wide. The size of the net also remains safe. But the fact is, the height of the table may increase or decrease. As all surfaces are not the same, sometimes the international or Olympic games are played in different areas. For those areas, the height of the table may increase or decrease. But the usual height is 2.5 feet.

Size for the other Tables

There are some tables available in the ping pong game, which are not used for the national and international games. They are only get used for entertainment purposes. Some of the tables are mini table, portable table, custom tables, mini top, etc. Neither of them contains the general size of a ping pong table. Because they only get used to playing for entertainment purposes. That is why; they don’t have any specific sizes too. Some of the tables have to use by sitting on the floor with small sized paddle and balls. Some are smaller in height but longer in size. But how and what the sizes are, they don’t matter as they are for normal usage only.

Other requirements along with the Table

The table size is not the only requirement in the game. There is a lot of other stuff required with the table. Here the other components have been given.

Proper lighting: After choosing a suitable table for the game, proper lighting is important. As ping pong is an indoor game, almost all matches are played inside rooms, gymnasiums, or in clubs. If there is no sufficient lighting in the place, the game is hard to play. The requirement of the light is dependent on the level of the game.

For the world championship and Olympic Games, 1000 luminous flex per area is perfect

For the national level tournament, 750-1000 luminous per flex is enough

For the training section, proper light level is 350 luminous per flex.

So these are the lighting requirement for a different level of games. For those, who play the game in houses or personal properties, don’t require high level lightings. With the standard size of room and table, 200 lux is enough.

All the area sizes According to the Game

This was the general type size of ping pong table that has been described below. Now we will talk about the proper size according to the level of the game

  • For the international game, the size is 46 feet in length and 23 feet in width. Note: This area size is also applicable for Olympic games.
  • For national level leagues, the size is: 34 feet for the length and 17 feet for the width
  • For national tournaments, the size is: 40 feet for length and 20 feet in width
  • For local leagues, it is 30 feet in length and 17 feet in width
  • And for training, the required size of the area is: 28 feet for length and 13 feet for the width

The size of the table matters to play higher level games. As the table has two different parts, they need to have the same size for playing perfectly. Especially if it is a higher level game, then the measurement must have to be accurate.

A good game is dependent on the proper and good components. Play the game at a perfect table with the perfect size and bring the victory. But don’t forget to connect the net in proper measurement before starting the game.

Quality of a Ping Pong Table

After reading different types of ping pong tables now it’s time to know about the quality of the ping pong table. As we said before generally all the ping pong tables are made of wood except the outdoor table. That means the only thing to consider for determining the quality of the table is the thickness of the table.

Ping pong tables are available in different thicknesses from 12mm to 25mm. Generally the lower the thickness is the cheaper the price. That means the 12mm table is the cheapest. However, the quality of the lower thickness ping pong table is very poor. In these tables, the ball won’t bounce well and you won’t be able to have a proper shot.

Therefore it would be wise to buy a table that has more than 16mm of thickness. If you want to know about How to Fold a Stiga Ping Pong Table?


Choosing the right size of the ping pong table is very necessary. The right size of a table will provide more enjoyment than an improper size table. While buying a ping pong table one must consider the size of their room. Also, make sure to check the quality of the table to have a quality game.

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