Wood Table Tennis Table Review

Wood Table Tennis Table Review For 2021

Table tennis is a game that involves a table the size of a dining table. One can buy a table tennis table of a different material. But the authentic feel of the game will be only on the wood table tennis table. To play the game with proper feel and performance one must buy a table made out of wood.

Besides, the table must be of heavy-duty, durable, and official size. So that one can practice and improve their game. In this way, the player can enjoy their free time along with improving their skill for the next official tournament. Therefore, this article will discuss the best table one can find on market.

What is Table Tennis Table

A table tennis table is the base of the table tennis game. The uses of a table are the origin of the game. Size of dining table made out of a different type of material, mainly wood. The upper surface of the table is the surface where the game is played with other equipment of the game.

What is the difference between Wood and Other Material Used in the Main Construction of Table Tennis Tables

The main difference between wood table tennis and other material table tennis is the price. To know more about underpricing table tennis tables one can read (Best Table Tennis Table under $300). Normally, the table made of wood is expensive compare to other materials like steel. Also, one cannot use the table made of wood outside but it is possible with other material construction.

Moreover, a table tennis table made out of steel has folded features and is lightweight. That means, unlike wood that table is portable.

What should the Player look for at a Table Tennis Table

Mainly, one must look at the playing surface of the table. The playing surface must be smooth and durable. Also, the surface must be of an official size and official thickness. Besides, the material of the table must be durable and heavy-duty. The best will be if one buys an ITTF approved table tennis table if they are going to be a part of any official tournament.

How Much Playing Space do One Need for their Table Tennis Table

Type of Level

Measurement (minimum)

Recreational players

5 m x 3.5 m

Players doing training

7m x 4.5m

Local tournaments

9m x 5m

National level tournaments

12m x 6m

International competitions

14m x 7m

What to Consider Before Buying a Wood Table Tennis Table

Buying a table tennis table is neither easy neither hard. One can make the perfect purchase with the important basics. However, just going and picking randomly can cost a fortune to the buyer. If they do not know what are they buying and why are they buying, they will make the wrong decision.

That’s why one must know what they are doing before doing it. So, before selecting or buying the wood table tennis table one must consider,

Frame Material : The overall performance of the table will highly depend on the frame and frame material of the table. Normally, manufacturers use wood as the frame material in the wooden table. Typically, wood is heavy-duty. However, one must read the customer review to know if the table frame has any issues or not.

Dimension : The selection of the dimension of the table will depend on the type of players and their playing level. People who just want to play table tennis as fun or pass their time can buy a small size or any size. For them, there is no specific requirement.

However, for the serious player, they can buy the size of training or professional size. The size approved by the ITTF will be perfect for the player who wants to participate in the national and international tournament of table tennis.

Playing Surface : One of the most important things to consider if one is a serious table tennis player is the playing surface of the table. Since the table will be made of wood, it is expected that the playing surface will be of wood. Here, one must check if the surface is weathering proof. So that the player can sleep in peace in every weather condition.

Importantly, the thickness of the playing surface needs to consider. One must buy a table which playing surface thickness is at least 20mm, less than this is not recommended.

Wood Table Tennis Table Review

To find the best wood table tennis table, the basic idea and the buying guide are necessary. One must have a strong idea about those. Because the quality of the table will decide how easily and how accurately one can learn the game. As well as how much they will improve the game.

One must already get the idea how a wood table tennis should come to their home. The basic requirements and the must requirements of the table tennis table. So, the selection will be easier for them.

Next, this article will discuss an ideal table tennis table loved by all over the world. The product is none other than the Hall of Games Official Size Wood Table Tennis Table. One of the best wooden tables money can buy from the market. Let’s see a detailed illustration of the table,

Frame : The best and reliable feature, for what the buyers can count on the table with their money is the frame of the table. The frame of the table is made with birch wood which keeps the playing surface stable. Even in the roughest game, the frame will keep the table extremely stable. The frame has a 2″ by 1″ size wooden frame which is painted with an apron.

Apart from the stability and performance, the frame gives an elegant look and enhances the overall look of the table. Overall, the frame of the table is perfect according to the price.

Playing Surface : For a professional and serious player, the playing surface of the table tennis table is the most important thing to consider. Because it is the place where they will play and improve their skills. Importantly, this table features a ¾” top made of MDF. That means the player will have a perfect bunch with a better feel.

Moreover, the table is 19mm thick which is good enough for practicing the game. One can play in this table for years and the playing surface will be as it is.

Assembly : While buying a table tennis table for home, most people worry about the assembly of the table. Hiring a professional with high charge and waiting for him to come and fix the table is more than irritating.

However, this table will give the customer to assemble it easily, no need to hire any professional. Though, they may tighten some of the screws. Which can be done by the hardware available at home.





Hall of Games


Hall of Games

Playing Dimensions

9’ L X 5’ W X 2.5’ H


Wood, Metal, Net, PVC




243 Lbs

Playing Surface Thickness

19 mm

Playing Surface Material


Frame Material


Package Contains

Table, Net


  • Base to frame, the manufacturer used high-quality material.
  • The frame of the table will enhance the overall look of the table.
  • The playing surface of the table feature just perfect thickness.
  • The frame of the table will be stable even in the roughest game.
  • The playing surface of the table is durable.
  • The ball will bounce at the perfect amount to increase the experience of the game.
  • Easy to assemble the table.
  • A good quality net is included with the table.


  • This perfect table tennis table shares no cons.


If one has already reached this part of the article means they have already gathered the important information. That information will help select the Wood Table Tennis Table without making any mistakes. Buying this table requires no mistake because of the high price. One cannot take the chance of regretting the wrong decision because they may not afford to buy another one.

Moreover, buying a wooden table tennis table require extra attention and idea about the must features. They need to look at the frame, playing surface, stability, and durability of the table. Hopefully, one can make the right decision after reading this article.

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