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Review Details of this Xiom Vega Pro Ping Pong Paddle

Playing table tennis without any high quality rackets is not enough to win the trophy. The majority percentage of winning chances depends on the racket quality. So, players must play with a high quality table tennis racket.

There are so many rackets in the market. But these all are not the same in quality. So, people should choose the best one for them while buying a new one.

In this article, we will describe about a high quality table tennis racket which is Xiom Vega pro. This table tennis racket is just amazing to get good performance while hitting the ping pong ball. We try to put all details about this paddle so that people can easily understand i6ts value for playing tennis with this racket.

What is Xiom Vega Pro Racket or ping pong Paddle

If you are looking for any high quality table tennis racket to play tennis, then it should be your first choice. People can get the best service from this racket while hitting the ping pong ball.  This table tennis racket is highly précised to cuts above all competitors. Using this ping pong paddle people can play the most precise shots. They will score a good result.

This paddle is very great with offensive classifications. Players can hit the ball more precisely with this paddle. Including a flared handle, this is really good enough for professional players to play in the tournaments.

So, no more wait. We are starting our reviews on it. People should read all details for understanding more clearly.

Review Details of this Xiom Vega Pro Ping Pong Paddle

Without any bad sides, this would be the great one for all professional players. This is made with very high quality materials. So, players can get more great performances than other rackets.

Why People should like this Paddle: Undoubtedly, there are lots of features that are great for this paddle. These features help to become in the top list of this ping pong paddle. In the below, we try to put some specific great factors which are really appreciable. People can check these features first then they can able to understand why this would be their first choice to play tennis.

Blade Speed: This is a great feature for any kind of ping pong paddle. While hitting the ping pong ball, then they need to more speed for hitting it hard. So, this Xiom vega pro p[addle can produce more spin while hitting the ball. Its speed rate is 88 out of 100 which is so incredible for this paddle. Players can create high speed playing with this racket and they can able to put down the opposite players on the table.

Blade Control: This is another great feature of this paddle. Having great blade control, it is able to hit the ping pong ball accurately with the center of the surface. The blade control rating is 72 out of 100. Its control is amazing than other rackets. Players usually play with this paddle for getting more control while hitting the ball.

Blade Weight: Weight is a very important factor of any kind of high quality ping pong paddle. Players always want to play with very lightweight paddles or rackets because of hitting the ball quickly and comfortably. So, the blade weight is responsible to increase or decrease of the total weight of this paddle.

We can see that here the blade weight rate is 85 out of 100. That’s mean this paddle is so lightweight enough to play accurate shot6s as well as repeat the counterattack shots with this paddle. Players can get a comfortable feel because of its lightweight.

Handle Type: The most necessary factor which should be got remarkable marks to be a high quality paddle. Without a proper and flexible handle, players cannot play well. Players must need a very high quality grip handle that gives so comfortable and flexibility while holding this paddle to hit the ball.

This paddle here includes a flared handle which is so comfortable. This handle is made with ergonomic materials so that players can get a more comfortable feel while hitting the ball with it.

Material: This is a racket which is made of high quality materials. There is also included on this racket a highly balanced offensive table tennis blade. Five ply layers are used for making this racket so high quality. Players can get a great performance from this racket.

This is made with joint-less wood veneers that are remarkable and first time history of the table tennis industry. So, there are no doubts at all about the quality of its materials.

Size: The size is absolutely perfect for playing and hitting the ball accurately. All ages players can control this racket, its size is universal for all. Players can get a solid and perfect size racket if they choose this for their game.

Layer: This racket is made with high quality Zephylium carbon and X Carbon veneer. This is so high quality carbon type which makes the racket so flexible and adjustable to play all kinds of shots very precisely.

There is a thinner carbon layer which is really great for this paddle. Sometimes, manufacturers want to reduce the weight of the paddle. In that case, they sometimes reduce the power also of any rackets. So, it will affect the game.

But people would be glad to hear this paddle has a thinner carbon layer to reduce the weight but no more power. It can reduce the blade weight only without any power loss. That’s really appreciable for this paddle. Players can get more power to hit the ball with this lightweight ping pong paddle.








Country of Origin



Wood Veneers

Skill Level


Sport Type

Table Tennis

Blade Classifications:



5 ply

Blade Speed


Blade Weight


Blade Control



Flare Handle


5w, 2 Carbon

Carbon Type

Zephylium carbon and X Carbon veneer

Package Dimensions

11.34 inches * 6.3 inches * 1.1 inches

Package Weight

9.88 ounces


  • It has a composite carbon veneer table tennis blade.
  • This paddle is made with high quality joint-less wood veneers.
  • Great quality flares handle to play more flexibly.
  • This paddle is great for any kind player.
  • Used high quality Zephylium carbon.
  • This paddle is So durable.
  • Very lightweight to hit the shots accurately.
  • Players can get high speed and great control.


  • There are no major cons of this paddle. 

Xiom Vega Pro

Xiom Vega Pro

Mind something before buying this table tennis racket

Depending on the people’s choice, there are produced many kinds of ping pong paddle. But, today we just reviewed only one high quality ping pong paddle which is the Xiom Vega pro. People need to consider something important while buying this racket.

Speed and Control: People first need to check its performance. The speed and control are the great features of any kind of racket. So, the player needs more speed with great control high quality paddle. In this paddle, they can get more control with high speed features. So, they can choose this paddle for playing.

Handle Grip: This is also important to check the handle of the new paddle. This is so responsible for playing accurate shots holding the grip handle. So, this paddle handle is fully flared which is more perfect and comfortable to hold while hitting the ball.

Material: Making with high quality materials, one paddle can give high performance. People should check the materials before buying a new paddle. This Xiom paddle is made with high quality carbon veneer so that it can give the best performances with spin and more speed.

What kind of table tennis racket is good for professionals

There are so many kinds of tennis rackets available for playing. But all of these are not of the same quality. Professional players need high quality paddles for playing any game. These paddles should be made with high quality materials like carbon veneer etc. Using these kinds of materials the paddle will be so lightweight. So, professional players play well with these. The racket should have enough performance such as speed, spin, and control. These features can enhance the game’s ability to play better.

Is it worth it

Yes, why not? The high quality ping pong paddle is really worth it. Sometimes it can be price a little bit than other normal rackets. Having some premium features these paddles can improve the game and player’s skill. Professional players always want to more spin with great control and speed while playing with any high quality paddle. So, for this case sometimes it can be expensive a little, but worth it.

Final Words

People cannot play well without any high quality ping pong paddles. They should research first before buying any new paddle to play. There are lots of paddles in the market. But, we suggest playing with this Xiom Vega pro paddle because of its premium features with great performance ability. In the above, we discuss everything of this paddle in detail. So, if anyone can get a good quality paddle, they can read this article to know better.

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